This class is for those interested in elevating their training and looking to compete in the “Sport” of CrossFit at the local, regional or national level. While there is no entry standard, the 970 Compete Matrix should be the criteria you look at to determine if you want to participate in the 970 Compete class.

This class will meet at 7:00am on Saturdays and will generally last an hour to an hour and a half. WODS for the 970 Compete class will be heavier, longer, and skills based. There will be no formal warm up and this session will not be a “coached” class. Athletes will be expected to be on time and to warm up on their own for the programmed WOD. The minimal scaling for this class will be done to accommodate the Masters and Teen athletes.

In addition to the WODs, there will be informal discussion on what it takes to compete. This will include discussion about training the week leading up to a Comp, nutrition, volume, and the mental aspect of competing.

Not there yet in terms of your skill level, that’s okay! With consistent participation in the daily CrossFit classes, you can get there! And we can help. Just talk to any coach and we can come up with a game plan to help you.