118 DU Buy In

5 Rounds

7 Snatches (135/105)

4 Muscle Ups

20 Box Jumps (30/24)


Oficer Dia had served with the Toledo Police Department for two years and had previously served with the Mercy Health Police Department for two years. He is survived by his wife, two sons, and parents.

Officer Dia, 26, was dispatches to a male on the morning of July 4th. When he arrived on scene at the Home Depot on Alexis rd, there was an intoxicated male that was not cooperating. That’s when the male started to walk to his trunk, digging around when Officer Dia asked him to step away from the trunk and come out. The man then fired a single shot while running away striking Officer Dia in the chest area. He immediately called dispatch and his last words to them “Dispatch, tell my family I love them”. He stayed strong. Home Depot has a memorial for this officer if you would like to donate flowers or anything else to the family. Share for helping the family of young Officer Dia. He leaves behind a big family. He had a big heart, he was loving, and more importantly a one of a kind family man. Officer DIa treated his community as a citizen and an honerable person, not just the word of an officer.

This workout was written by a local CrossFitter and law enforcement officer with the help of our 970 Coaches. Please join us as we do this workout to honor the law enforcement community.