1. 06/22/2021

    6 x 2:30 Interval

    25/20 Cal Row

    15 Pull Ups

    Max Rep Abmat Sit Ups In Remainder

    Rest 2:30

    For today, we are looking at sprint efforts for each interval.  Use your rest break to recover as there isn’t time to take anything more than short breaks for this one.  If 15 pull ups is on the more challenging side for you, talk to your Coach about the best number of reps for you today.  Ideally, the pull ups should be done in no more than 3 quick sets so you have time to accumulate sit up reps.   Row pace should be close to your pace for a 1,000 meter row.

  2. 06/21/2021

    Complete For Time

    10 Rounds

    100 Meter Run

    3 Cleans (135/95)(185/125)

    5 Bar Facing Burpees

    For today, your clean weight should be on the moderate side for you and a weight you COULD do the 3 reps unbroken IF fresh.  Singles are fine for today, but lets use this as a session to work on FAST singles.

    Whenever possible use the run to recover.

  3. 06/18/2021

    Complete For Time

    800 Meter Run


    5 Rounds

    10 OHS (115/75)

    15 T2B


    800 Meter Run

    For today, your OHS weight should be a weight you can do all 5 rounds of 10 reps unbroken.  For the T2B, if this is a movement you struggle with bigger reps of, consider breaking in 3 sets (6-5-4) vs 3 sets of 5 reps.  We always suggest working “downhill” vs doing 3 equal sets.

  4. 06/17/2021

    3 Rounds Fight Gone Bad Style

    Box Jumps (24”/20”)(30”/24”)

    Wall Walk/HS Walk **

    KB Goblet Squats (53/35)

    Russian KB Swings (53/35)

    Ski Erg Calories


    ** 1 Wall Walk = 1oFt HS Walk

  5. 06/16/2021

    18 Min to Build to a Heavy 1 Rep Power Clean


    12 Minute EMOM

    5 Touch & Go Power Cleans **

    15/12 Med Ball Sit Ups (20/14)

    20/15 Hand Release  Push Ups

    **Use 75% of your one rep as a guide to the Touch and Go Power cleans. NO SINGLES today.

  6. 06/15/2021

    Complete For Time:

    50/40 Cal Row

    50 Wall Ball (20/14)(10’/9’)

    40/35 Cal Row

    40 Wall Ball

    30/25 Cal Row

    30 Wall Ball

    20/17 Cal Row

    20 Wall Ball

    10/8 Cal Row

    10 Wall Ball

    For today, we are looking to hold a steady pace on the rows.  It’s important that the row pace doesn’t dictate the wall ball sets.  In other words, rowing faster, but taking too many breaks on the wall ball will result in a much longer time to complete.  So be deliberate on the row but hold a pace that you could hold a conversation while rowing.

    Also, please have in mind a person in class that is of your ability level so you can waterfall the rows for this one for classes that have more than 13 people.

  7. 06/14/2021

    5 Rounds On the 3:00 Interval

    15/12 or 20/17 Cal Bike

    20 Alt DB Snatch (50/35)

    15 Pull Ups/C2B

    Each round will be for time and if you finish prior to the 3:00 then that will be extra rest for you. For example, if you finish in 2:15 then you will have a 3:45 rest. Push the pace on the bike,  these are supposed to be 5 sprints.

  8. 06/11/2021

    For Time

    50 Power Cleans(135/95)(155/105)

    75 Bar Facing Burpees

    10 Rope Climbs

    Partition how you want

    The goal is to cycle some of the cleans and break them up into manageable sets. Use the burpees as a break from the muscle fatigue you will get from the cleans and rope climbs. Good luck, and have fun climbing some ropes!

  9. 06/10/2021

    18 Minutes To Find a Heavy 3 Rep Back Squat


    10 Minute AMRAP

    15/12 Cal Row

    8 Back Squat (115/75)(185/125)

    5 Shoulder to Overhead (115/75)(185/125)

    For today, build up to a heavy 3 rep back squat.  This does not need to be a PR effort.  We are looking to go heavy but with proper form.  If form breaks down, strip the weight and work technique.