Day 1 of competition is in the books.  Three total WODS.  The day started with a 500m run and obstacle course.  Logan was in first place coming in from the run and had a good pace going on the O-Course.  During the 4 minute practice session they got on the course, he practiced on the incline log which led to rope swing onto a flat log.  He struggled a little getting this so we spent a little more time at the athlete village practicing it.  When he got to it during the wod, he just missed the flat log and had to start over on the incline log.  He lost some valuable time there and it cost him a little but he still had a good finish at 9th place.  He finished the WOD ahead of the two top qualifiers from the Open so we felt good about it.

WOD 2 was a quick one.  40 foot handstand walk which ended with him going over a incline ramp and back down an incline ramp.  Then 20 wall balls with a 30# ball and a handstand walk back over the ramp and HS walk to the finish.  4 Minute time cap for this one.  Logan did the first 40 feet of the walk and ramp unbroken and was right in the mix going to the wall ball.  He did the wall ball unbroken and then turned to start his walk back.  He was half way up the ramp and lost his balance.  I know he could see some of the kids in the field getting over the ramp and approaching the finish line, so I think he felt the urgency to speed up.  Speeding up while keeping your balance is a tough thing to do.  He struggled on the ramp, failing to get over it several times.  But he kept fighting and never stopped trying.  He was able to get over the ramp and start back down to the finish line, but he was clearly fatigued.  I am so proud of his fight and that he never gave up until the horn sounded.  As a coach, its hard to see that look in his eyes.  As a dad, it killed me.  But I know Logan and know that failure would light his fire.  He finished 17th in this WOD.

WOD 3 was as quick turn around after WOD 2.  We only had an hour between WOD which really is only about 30 minutes once the get back to the athlete pavilion.  He had to warm up for a heavy snatch WOD.  When I got to the pavilion, he was at his chair changing into his lifters.  And he was pissed.  We had to let his previous WOD be a distant memory so he could focus on what was ahead.  It took a bit to get him calmed down and ready to lift.  The WOD was 50 Double unders between snatches at increasing weight and decreasing reps.  5 at 185, 4 at 205, 3 at 225 and 2 at 245.  10 Minute time cap.  FYI, 245 is right about Logans lifetime one rep max.  He stuck to his strategy of moving methodically through the DU’s and the lighter snatch.  He did not fail any DU or snatch until he got to 225.  He was able to get through the 3 at 225 and then back to the DU.  Unbroken on the DU and then headed back to the snatch at 245.  His first attempt was sooooo close.  He had it.  Just couldn’t hold it.  He regrouped and hit the next attempt!! He knew he needed to get at lest ONE at 245 to separate himself.  And he did it.  So proud of his effort and even more proud that he was able to regroup from WOD 2 and attack this one.  His effort on this WOD was good enough to get him and 11th place finish on this WOD and left him sitting in 14th overall.  Not where he wanted to be after day one but there are a lot of points out there for him to go after.

Today is a rest day for his age group as well as all of the individual athletes.  Our plan is to enjoy the venue a little bit today and get ready for tomorrow.

All of these kids are good.  Really good.  And Logan belongs right with them.

Thanks for all of the continued support.