1. Why Jumping Pull Ups??

    Jumping pull ups have some very unique advantages as a scaling option for the pull up or kipping pull up.  We have traditionally used the ring row as a substitute for pull ups in a WOD.  Although we think ring rows are good for building some of the musculature necessary to do pull ups, we think the jumping pull up will yield a better result as you progress into the strict or kipping pull up.   And by the way, jumping pull ups are NOT easy when you do them in volume.  For anyone that has done the “Filthy Fifty” WOD, you know just how bad those 50 jumping pull ups get.  Which leads us to reason number one to do jumping pull ups:

    1.  There is a metabolic element in doing jumping pull ups as we are using a large amount of muscle and energy systems (hips, legs, back, arms and core).  When doing jumping pull ups in volume such as in a WOD, the heart rate becomes elevated which further develops our metabolic conditioning and stamina.
    2. During workouts that involve pull-ups, many athletes may have limitations in strength or skill that makes doing a pull up difficult.  We have traditionally used ring rows to scale down the movement, however this does not correlate to a vertical pulling movement as much as the jumping pull-up.  We have used bands to assist in the pull up movement as well.  Bands are ok and we will continue to use this method, but banded pull ups slow down the transitions during a WOD which in turn lowers our intensity.  Bands also cause us to lose body awareness (see point #4 below) Integrating jumping pull-ups into scaled WODs in place of ring rows can increase muscle growth of critical muscles and enhance angular strength, both specific to the pull-up.
    3. As mentioned above, the jumping pull-up can be used as a progression for the pull-up with individuals who may lack the muscle mass, control, or strength to perform regular pull-ups. By using the jumping pull-up, we are working on proper joint actions used during the upper body pulling movement (retraction, scapular depression, etc) and we can target the exact muscle groups needed to perform strict pull-ups (forearms for grip strength and stamina, core for midline control, and the back and arms.)  For those wanting to do pull up work as part of their extra work, consider holding at the top as well as a slow and controlled negatives back to the start of the movement.
    4. Body control and awareness is key to not only getting a strict pull-up, but also for increased efficiency and performance in athletic movements, especially gymnastics, kipping work, and muscle ups. Increasing body control and awareness of your body in space are two attributes that can be accomplished by doing jumping pull-ups.  In addition, core stability and midline control skills are also developed which will correlate to other gymnastics and bodyweight movements.

    And finally, be patient and enjoy the process.  We realize some people can walk into the gym and do pull ups, while it may take others months to get one. We think that building a healthy foundation will lead to you being able to “work out for time” for many, many years to come.

  2. 05/30/2018

    15 Minute AMRAP

    50 Double Unders

    12 Burpees

    3 Jumping Pull Ups/C2B/Bar Muscle Ups

    This one is going to tax the grip as we work through each of the movements.  This is one that you will want to pick a pace that you can stay consistent from round to round.  The burpees and jumping pull ups/bar muscle ups are good movements to work out that last little bit of soreness in the lats, chest and triceps.  Use the hips on the burpees to take some of the strict push up out of them.  Jumping pull ups are our Rx movement today as progression to work on for your pull ups.  The jumping pull up is something you will be seeing more of as a scaling option for WODS with pull ups in them.

  3. 05/29/2018

    3o Power Cleans For Time

    10 Sit Ups on the Minute

    15 Minute Time Cap

    The power cleans today will be heavy.  We are looking at a weight that is 85% of your 1 rep max power clean.

    For those that did Murph, this will be a good one to give those legs a little break.  Make no mistake about it though, these heavy cleans along with the sit ups will be taxing on the midline.  The longer this one goes, the heavier that clean is going to feel.  Make the most of your time between the sit ups on the minute.  Let’s move a heavy barbell today!!!

  4. 05/28/2018


    1 Mile Run

    100 Pull Ups

    200 Push Ups

    300 Air Squats

    1 Mile Run

    In 20#/14# Weight Vest If You Have One

    Coaches will be there to help with any scaling options for this WOD.

    Also, everyone is encouraged to participate in the after Murph gathering.  Food truck will be there at 11:00.  We will have water, Gatorade and Juice boxes for the little ones.

    Regardless if this is your first time doing Murph, or if you have done it many times, you may not know the story behind the WOD. See below for a detail account:

    So what made Lieutenant Murphy’s story so impactful? Here’s an excerpt about what went down in Afghanistan in June 2005:

    On June 28, 2005, Lt. Murphy was the officer-in-charge of a four-man SEAL element in support of Operation Red Wing tasked with finding key anti-coalition militia commander near Asadabad, Afghanistan. Shortly after inserting into the objective area, the SEALs were spotted by three goat herders who were initially detained and then released. It is believed the goat herders immediately reported the SEALs’ presence to Taliban fighters.

    A fierce gun battle ensued on the steep face of the mountain between the SEALs and a much larger enemy force. Despite the intensity of the firefight and suffering grave gunshot wounds himself, Murphy is credited with risking his own life to save the lives of his teammates. Murphy, intent on making contact with headquarters, but realizing this would be impossible in the extreme terrain where they were fighting, unhesitatingly and with complete disregard for his own life moved into the open, where he could gain a better position to transmit a call to get help for his men.

    Moving away from the protective mountain rocks, he knowingly exposed himself to increased enemy gunfire.  This deliberate and heroic act deprived him of cover and made him a target for the enemy.  While continuing to be fired upon, Murphy made contact with the SOF Quick Reaction Force at Bagram Air Base and requested assistance. He calmly provided his unit’s location and the size of the enemy force while requesting immediate support for his team. At one point, he was shot in the back causing him to drop the transmitter. Murphy picked it back up, completed the call and continued firing at the enemy who was closing in.  Severely wounded, Lt. Murphy returned to his cover position with his men and continued the battle.

    As a result of Murphy’s call, an MH-47 Chinook helicopter, with eight additional SEALs and eight Army Night Stalkers aboard, was sent in as part of the QRF to extract the four embattled SEALs. As the Chinook drew nearer to the fight, a rocket-propelled grenade hit the helicopter, causing it to crash and killing all 16 men aboard.

    On the ground and nearly out of ammunition, the four SEALs, continued to fight.  By the end of a two-hour gunfight that careened through the hills and over cliffs, Murphy, Gunner’s Mate 2nd Class (SEAL) Danny Dietz and Sonar Technician 2nd Class (SEAL) Matthew Axelson had fallen. An estimated 35 Taliban were also dead.  The fourth SEAL, Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class (SEAL) Marcus Luttrell, was blasted over a ridge by a rocket-propelled grenade and knocked unconscious. Though severely wounded, the fourth SEAL and sole survivor, Luttrell, was able to evade the enemy for nearly a day; after which local nationals came to his aide, carrying him to a nearby village where they kept him for three more days. Luttrell was rescued by U.S. Forces on July 2, 2005.

    By his undaunted courage, intrepid fighting spirit and inspirational devotion to his men in the face of certain death, Lt. Murphy was able to relay the position of his unit, an act that ultimately led to the rescue of Luttrell and the recovery of the remains of the three who were killed in the battle.

    —Murph Foundation “Biography”

  5. 05/27/2018

    Happy Sunday!

    Don’t forget, tomorrow is MURPH at CrossFit 970.  Please plan to be at gym by 9:00.  First heat goes off at 9:30 and second heat will go at 10:00.  Bring your weight vest if you plan to do MURPH with it.   Food truck will be there at 11:00.  Feel free to invite family and friends to hang out with us after the WOD.  And remember to wear your CrossFit 970 shirts/tanks so we can get a really cool group photo!!

    We are looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.  Rest up and enjoy your fitness today by doing something outside!!

  6. May 25, 2018 – WOD


    30 Minutes of:
    30 Double Unders
    10 Deadlifts
    3 Clean & Jerk
    1 Snatch Attempt

    Your score is the total amount of weight snatched in the 30 minute work period.

    You can pick any weight to put on the barbell. All barbell movements are done with the same weight. However, you only get one attempt at the snatch per round. So if you miss the snatch, you must do all of the other work before attempting another snatch. If you can’t do double-unders, you may substitute 50 jump rope singles or run a 150 meter run instead. Cleans and snatches can be power or squat.

    Excerpt below about Wyatt is copied from Front Range CrossFit Facebook page:

    The story behind the workout named “Wyatt”.

    Last year, FRCF did the CF Hero workout called, The Seven. It is a workout named in honor of the seven CIA agents that died in a suicide car bombing on Camp Chapman in Khost, Afghanistan on December 30th, 2009. There were 6 others wounded in that attack. One of those wounded that day was a man with the call sign, “Wyatt”. After being wounded in the attack, Wyatt crawled around in the dust and the mud and the blood and saved a bunch of lives putting on tourniquets and rendering first aid to the survivors until help arrived.

    Wyatt was a veteran Navy SARC (Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman) and an experienced GRS Protective Agent (Global Response Staff) who served our country in various capacity for almost 20 years. I am lucky enough to know someone that served with Wyatt, Jimmy Graham. Last year, when we decided to do The Seven, Jimmy called up Wyatt and asked if he had anything that we could have at the gym for the event that would be a visual representation of the attack at Khost. Two hours later, Wyatt had the flag that flew over Camp Chapman on the day of the attack and one of the granite stars that had been carved out of the memorial for the casualties from that attack, in the mail to have at the event. It was an incredibly touching and generous gesture on Wyatt’s part.

    Since last year’s Memorial Day event, Wyatt unfortunately passed away during a training event. Yes he was still actively involved in the defense of our country in 2017, almost 8 years after getting blown up on that porch in Khost. So, we have named a workout in his honor and are using that workout for our Memorial Day fundraiser this year.

    Don’t forget, we are taking donations for this WOD throughout the day. Cash, check made payable to BCS Fitness, or credit card are acceptable. CrossFit970 is matching all funds raised. Don’t feel obligated to donate. We want you to be at the gym to participate in the WOD. We may even randomly give out some 970 tshirts or tanks throughout the day.

  7. May 24, 2018 – WOD

    3 Rounds For Time

    400 Meter Run

    14 T2B

    200 Meter Run

    12 Front Rack Lunge (95/65)

    100 Meter Run

    10 Box Jumps (24″/20″)

    Consistency from round to round is the key to this one.  Steady pace throughout each movement using the runs as a recovery.  If you are proficient in a particular movement, push pace on it.

    ANNOUNCEMENT:  As Memorial Day weekend nears, we want to remind you of the the events happening at 970 as we honor the service men and women of our great Country.  

    Fridays WOD will be a fundraiser WOD for the T3 Project.  Donations collected  Friday will be matched by CrossFit 970 and we will distribute funds to Front Range CrossFit as our show of support within our CrossFit community.   Please do not feel obligated to donate.  We want your participation in this WOD regardless.  

    We will be able to accept cash, checks payable to BCS Fitness, or credit card through the Pike app.  

    Monday will be our Memorial Day MURPH WOD.  Plan to be at the gym by 9:00 wearing your CrossFit 970 gear!  Food truck will be on site at 11:00.  

  8. May 23, 2018 – WOD

    7 Minute AMRAP

    8 KB Swing (70/53)

    5 Burpee

    2 Ring Muscle Up

    Rest 3 Minutes

    15 Minutes to Build Up Weight

    5 X 5 Back Squat

    Looking to go heavy and fast in the 7 minute AMRAP.   If you are not using the RX weight today, use a Kb that is a littie heavier than you would normally use.  2 pull ups + 2 ring dips will be the scale for the muscle ups today.

    For the 5 X 5 Back Squat we are looking for good quality reps here for each set.  Work up in weight each round as long as technique is solid.