1. 07/16/2018

    Complete For Time

    500 Meter Row

    40 Air Squats/Pistols

    30 Burpees

    20 Push Ups/HSPU

    10 Pull Ups/Bar MU

    3,200 Meter Run

    Today’s WOD starts with a sprint distance row.  This row should be about an 85% effort or a pace that will allow you to begin your air squats/pistols as soon as you’re off the rower.  Strive for unbroken reps for the movements in this WOD.  If you have to break, break past the half way point of the movement.  For example, do 22-25 of the 40 squats before you break.

    The run is part of the timed WOD and is meant to be done immediately after you finish the pull ups/bar MU.  For the run, you will run to the stop sign by Bomgaars and back to the garage door and then back out to the stop sign and back.  The first 100 or so meters of the run will be the most difficult as you settle in to a pace that you can sustain for the whole run.  If there is anything left in the tank, push the pace on the last 400 meters of the run.  Time ends when you cross the garage threshold.

  2. 07/14/2018


    8:00am 970Compete Class

    9:00am CrossFit Class

    Last weeks Competitor Class WOD

    With A Partner Complete:

    60 Cleans (225/145)  Half must be full cleans


    Establish a Heavy Complex

    1 Power Clean

    2 Hang Clean


    Partner WOD

    50 C&J (155/105)

    50FT HS Walk

    100 C2B

    50FT HS Walk

    50 Cleans

    50Ft HS Walk

    100 Wall Ball 

  3. 7/13/2018


    5 Rounds:

    Max Reps Body Weight Bench Press

    Max Reps Pull-ups

    *Rest as needed between rounds


    10×100 meter sprints

    *Rest 1 min between each

  4. 07/13/2018


    5 Rounds For Time

    400 Meter Run

    30 Box Jumps (24″/20″)

    30 Wall Ball (20/14)

    30 Minute Time Cap

    ***Last Completed on July 17th, 2017***

    This is a “steady” pace type of WOD.  Consider breaking wall balls up into 2 sets from the beginning.  Stay consistent with the box jumps and breathe on top of the box.

    Options for this WOD today will be:

    Option 1

    3 Rounds

    400 Meter Run

    30 Box Jumps/Step Ups

    30 Wall Ball

    Option 2

    5 Rounds

    400 Meter Run

    15 Box Jumps/Step Ups

    15 Wall Ball


  5. 07/12/2018

    4 Rounds For Time

    20 Alternating DB Snatch (50/35)

    20 DB Goblet Squat (50/35)

    100 Meter Farmers Carry

    20 DB Sit Ups

    Lots of DB work today!!  These are great movements to build our stabilizing muscles.  For the farmers carry, you will go 50M with the DB in one hand and then switch hands at the turn around.  Pace should be consistent from round to round.

  6. 7/11/2018


    With a partner: Overhead plate carry 800 meters (45/25)

    *Or 400 meters without a partner

    rest 5 minutes

    30 turkish get-ups for time (53/35)



  7. 07/11/2018

    25 Minute EMOM

    Minute 1 = (12/10)(15/12) Cal Row

    Minute 2= 20 Lunges

    Minute 3=12 Kb Swing (53/35)(70/53)

    Minute 4= 10/12 T2B

    Minute 5= 8/10 Power Cleans (135/95)

    Today is meant to be a longer conditioning WOD.  As with any EMOM we do, we are looking for some built in rest after the completion of each movement.  Ideally, we want that rest to be about 15-20 seconds.  If you are close to finishing a movement when we call for a transition, its up to you if you want finish it.  If you miss completing a movement within the minute, you need to finish the remaining reps and sit the rest of that minute out of the EMOM so you can recover.  For the power cleans, pick a weight you can do 8/10 unbroken if fresh.  If you have to break any of the movements (other than the row), we are looking at breaking into two sets max so pick weights and movements accordingly.

  8. 7/10/2018


    5 Rounds

    5 strict pull-ups

    5 T2B

    5 bar muscle ups

    *every time you break 50 m farmers carry (53/35)

  9. 7/10/2018

    For Time:

    400 meter run

    21 hang power snatch (95/65)

    21 bar facing burpee

    400 meter run

    15 hang power snatch

    15 bar facing burpee

    400 meter run

    9 hang power snatch

    9 bar facing burpee

    *Pick a weight you feel you can cycle through 21 unbroken hang power snatch reps to begin with. GO HARD, GO FAST!


    As a lot of you know, Logan Ewing qualified for the Reebok CrossFit Games taking place the beginning of August in Madison WI. Logan finished 5th overall in the world for the 17-18 year old age group after the Open and the qualifying round. Congrats to Logan we are all very proud of his hard work and this accomplishment! Logan needs the help and support from our awesome community. There will be T shirts available to sponsor Logan and his mission to go win the CrossFit Games. Please see Brandon W or Chris G if you are interested in sponsoring for your logo on either Logan’s fundraising T shirt or if you’re interested in sponsoring Logan in any other way. Thanks to everyone who will consider supporting Logan as he represents CrossFit 970 on a worldwide stage in Madison WI.