1. 06/15/2018

    “Nasty Girls”

    3 Rounds

    50 Air Squats

    7 Ring Muscle Ups

    10 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)

    The “Nasty Girls” benchmark WOD was first posted on CrossFit.com as the workout of the day for Sunday, Dec. 4, 2005 (051204). It wasn’t posted with a name. It was just the main-site workout of the day. The video linked with it featured Nicole Carroll (future CrossFit Director of Training and Certification), Annie Sakamoto (future CrossFit Games competitor) and Eva Twardokens (1992 and 1994 Olympic Games slalom skiier) doing the WOD with 95 lbs. Countless people, men and women, cite this video, titled “Nasty Girls,” as the reason they started CrossFit.  Each one of these original “nasty girls” has a WOD named after them.  Annie (50-40-30-20-10 DU & Sit Ups), Nicole (20 Min AMRAP of 400M Run, Max Rep pull ups) and Eva (5 Rounds, 800M run, 30 KB Swings, 30 Pull Ups…HINT: We will see this one at some point down the road).

    Check out this old school video.  Its amazing to see how far CrossFit has come since this.  Basically, they are doing strict MU,  hang power cleans (ladies using the bigger mens bar) and the air squats to a wall ball target for depth.

    For this one, we will do 7 pull ups and 7 ring dips for your scale of the muscle ups.  For the hang power cleans, this should be a weight you can do in a max of two sets, but preferably unbroken.


  2. 06/14/2018

    For Total Time and Rounds & Reps

    75 /60 Cal Row


    15 Minute AMRAP

    100 Double Unders

    50 Kb Snatch (53/35)

    25 T2B

    10 TGU (53/35)

    A couple of movements here that we haven’t seen for a little bit: the Kb Snatch and the TGU.

    For the row, you should be thinking about a pace that is about what you would row a 2K.  You don’t want to blow up on the rower as there is still a lot of work to do after.  This one will be a little bit taxing on the grip.  Being efficient and relaxed on the DU’s will help as will a bit of a relaxed grip at the top of the kb snatch.  TGU….just grind through them. There is only 10!


  3. 6/14/2018

    3 rounds NFT

    100 meter farmer carry (70/53)

    50 foot DB single arm overhead walking lunge (50/35)

    25 foot handstand walk or bear crawl


    10 x 100 meter sprints

    (30 second rest between each)


  4. 06/13/2018

    In 15 Minutes Build To a 1 RM Overhead Squat

    Rest 5 Minutes

    3 Rounds of 3:00 Interval

    400 Meter Run

    Max Rep OHS (95/65) In Remainder of The Three Minutes

    Rest 1 Minute Between Rounds

    Focus on quality reps of OHS today during the 15 minutes.   You should be doing sets of 3 or more on the lighter weights as you build up.  Use these lighter loads to work technique and don’t move up until you are comfortable with form and supporting the load in the overhead position.  If you are at the stage where this is a tough lift for you, we will be looking to work technique only for the 15 minutes.

    For the intervals, consider a load on the bar that you could do 15 or more unbroken reps when fresh.  We are looking for intensity during these three minutes so we will miss the mark if the weight is too heavy.

  5. 6/13/2018


    Dead lifts




    5 Rounds

    6 Hang Power Clean

    6 Bar Facing Burpees

    6 HSPU

    6 Strict Pull-ups

    Rest 5 Minutes

    50 GHD Sit-ups (not for time)


  6. 06/12/2018

    Wendler Back Squat

    Finish Wendler with 2×20 at 50%

    Conditioning Work:

    50 Cal Row

    40 Cal Bike

    30 Cal Row

    20 Cal Bike

    10 Cal Row

    Rest 3 Minutes

    400 Meter Cool Down Jog NFT (Not For Time)

    10 Minutes of Mobility (Don’t skip this!)

  7. 06/12/2018

    Partner WOD

    As a Team, Complete The Following In Order For Time

    80 Dumbbell Clean & Jerk (50/35)

    80 Dumbbell Box Up and Over (50/35)(20″/16″)(24″/20″)

    80 Dumbbell Weighted Sit Ups (50/35)

    We are breaking the mold a little for this partner WOD….On a TUESDAY!!  For this WOD, the Clean & Jerk and Weighted Sit Up will be done with a single DB.  The step up and overs will be done with TWO.  Only one partner working on the DB movements at a time.  While one partner is working, the other partner will be running 200 meters.  It is up to you how you break the work inside with the runs.  Here is the kicker…each run will take 10 seconds off your finish time for the WOD.

    After the moderate load deads from yesterday, you’re going to feel this one on the box step up and overs.  Make sure you are driving through your heel on top of the box engaging the glutes and hams.  Core is also going to feel this one!


  8. 6/11/2018

    Wendler Front Squat

    If you are not completing the additional Met-Con below, end your Wendler Front squat with 2×20 @ 50%.


    3 Rounds

    10 Thrusters (95/65)

    10 Cal Row

    10 T2B

    Rest 5 Minutes

    Not For Time Complete:

    Either 20 Strict Pull Ups or

    10 Rounds of Pull Up Negatives (use band to get chin over and then kick out bank once you are up) lowering as slow as possible to full lock out at bottom.

    Finish with 10 Minutes of Mobility

  9. 06/11/2018

    Complete For Time

    200 Meter Run

    10 Dead Lifts (225/155)(275/185)

    400 Meter Run

    20 Lateral Bar Over Burpee

    800 Meter Run

    10 Dead Lifts (225/155)(275/185)

    400 Meter Run

    20 Lateral Bar Over Burpee

    200 Meter Run

    10 Dead Lifts (225/155)(275/185)


    Dead Lifts for today should be in the mid range of a moderate weight for you.  Think about a weight you could do 10 times if fresh, but that would also challenge you and feel a bit heavier in reps 7-10.  Lateral burpees will tax the hip flexors and midline which you will feel on the beginning of the runs that follow.  Posterior chain and midline are going to get some good work today!