1. 06/09/18

    7 am Competitor Class

    9am CrossFit Class


    Thinking about dipping your toes in the water for the Comp class….?  Do it!  Last week was our first class and our WOD was:

    30 Cleans (135/95) 15 Strict HSPU. 15 Strict Pull Ups. 

    20 Cleans (155/105) 15 Strict HPSU. 15 Strict Pull Ups.

    10 Cleans (185/125) 15 Strict HPSU.  15 Strict Pull Ups.  

    Rest 5 Min

    12 Min EMOM

    Min 1 – 50 DU

    Min 2 – 12 Pistols

    Min 3 – 15 C2B Pull Ups

  2. 06/08/2018


    5 Rounds

    30 Double Unders

    20 Knees To Elbows

    10 HSPU

    The “Lola” benchmark WOD is not technically one of CrossFit’s classic “Girls” workouts. A CrossFit Forum member, Ryan Atkins, suggested in an August 11, 2005 forum post addressed to “Dave” (presumably Dave Castro, future director of the CrossFit Games), that this workout and four others be added to the official list of girls WODs.


    Expect the latter rounds of knees to elbows to get a little more difficult.  Lots of grip work on this one so a good strategy might be to break the knees to elbows even in the early rounds.  Consider the same strategy for the HSPU as the hips and core are going to be taxed as you move through this.


  3. 6/8/2018


    8 Rounds

    6 Dead Lift (115/85)

    8 Hang Power Clean

    7 Shoulder to Overhead

    1 Overhead Squat


    Wendler Front Squat

    Conclude with 2×20 Front squat at 50%


  4. 6/7/2018

    “Happy Birthday Steve Workout”

    800 Meter Run


    2 Rounds for Time

    19 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

    71 Sit-Ups

    47 KB Swings (53/35)

    We are doing this WOD a day BEFORE his Birthday since we have an awesome named girl WOD on tap for tomorrow.  Wish the young man a happy birthday when you see him on Friday! Thanks for all you do for all of us at the gym Steve!

  5. Extra Work 6/7/2018


    5 rounds

    50 meter sled push

    100 meter sprint

    50 meter sled push

    rest 2 minutes between each round

    * Push sled to the 100 meter marker, sprint to the 200 meter marker without the sled, then push sled back to the starting point near garage opening. Weight on sled is up to you, but shoot for close to body weight.

  6. 6/6/2018

    In 12 Minutes Complete:

    1000 Meter Row

    Ascending Reps x 3

    Wall Ball (20/14)

    Burpee Box Jump Over (24″/20″)

    This workout will start with a 1000 meter row. After the 1000 meter row is completed you will begin with wall balls starting at 3 reps moving to burpee box jump overs for 3 reps. The next round you will start at 6 reps and increase by 3 reps each round for the remaining time.

  7. 06/05/2018

    5 Rounds For Time

    10 Power Clean & Jerk (95/65)(155/105)

    10 Front Squat (95/65)(155/105)

    200 Meter Run

    Looking to do some barbell cycling work today with this 5 rounder.  For those that have done the WOD “DT” in the past, think about this one in a similar way.  You COULD do 9 C&J, drop the bar, do one C&J, and go directly into the front squats if you are looking to break this up.  The weight for the barbell today should be a weight you could do at least the first two rounds unbroken if fresh.  Pushing pace on the runs might have an effect on your ability to hold on to the barbell.  Big rest breaks during the barbell work on this one will really add up in terms of your total time to complete.  Use the runs as a bit of a recovery so you are ready to pick up that barbell when you get in the door!

  8. Extra Work 6/6/18



    100 Cals on Assault Bike For Time



    Wendler 3’s – Deadlifts




  9. 06/04/2018

    Complete For Time

    10 Rounds

    3 Snatch (95/65)(155/105)

    3 Ring Row/3 Ring Dip: 3 Ring Muscle Ups

    25 Minute Time Cap

    The weight for the snatch today should be in the mid range in terms of how heavy you should go.  The weight should be something you can get for three reps even in the later rounds.  With a low number of reps for each movement, transition times will be key here.  Our system will be taxed from using similar muscle groups for the snatch and gymnastics movements,  so really work to stay efficient on the snatch (think big pull and quick under the bar).

    For today, three ring rows and three ring dips will equal 3 muscle ups.