1. 03/04/2019

    Don’t forget to submit your score for the Open Wod 19.2.  You have until 6pm Monday night to submit your score.  Also, check out the blog for what lies in the week ahead.  

    Complete For Time

    50 Power Snatch (95/65)(135/95)

    75 Box Jumps (24″/20″)

    100 Sit Ups

    Partition However You Want

    Strategy is important with todays’s WOD.  Breaking these movements into manageable sets for you is the key.  If you’re breaking into smaller sets, use the transitions as your rest breaks.   For your power snatch weight, pick a weight you could do 8-10 unbroken reps of touch and go.  There is a lot of hinged hips and explosive movement today which will have an impact on your Central Nervous System.  Given this, the sit ups will likely feel much more difficult than they may appear.


  2. Week In Review

    The CrossFit Open is in full swing.  Monday will be last opportunity to do 19.2 as scores are due by 6:00.

    We can cross off rowing, wall balls, cleans, double unders and toes to bar as movements we won’t see for the remainder of the Open.  We are trying not to duplicate (in volume) movements you might see in the Open WODS.  Having said that, we aren’t going to stay away from a movement because we MAY or MAY NOT see them in the Open.  If anything, doing those movements during the week might give you some confidence in where you are with that movement.  The week of 19.1, we rowed and did wall balls.  Last week we did some work on power cleans, and double unders.  Also, if you have been doing the front squats, you have a very solid idea of what you can front squat with confidence.  This no doubt helped with the cleans we saw in 19.2.

    This week we are going to work up to a heavy 1 rep on our back squat and front squats.  This will help determine where you are for the next phase of squat programming.  We will do this under some control in terms of rep count as you build up to your 1 rep.

    In addition to back squat and front squat, the other barbell movement you will see this week are the power snatch and power clean.  We will be using the KB in tandem with some body weight movements in Thursdays WOD.

    Gymnastics movements this week will include box jumps, pull ups, push ups and burpees.  Conditioning work will include a short row and some double unders.


  3. 03/02/2019

    7 AM Class:

    5 Rounds NFT

    Max Rep Bench Press (155/105)

    Max Rep Strict Pull-Ups

    *Score is total number of reps

    Rest 5 Minutes

    5 Rounds For Time

    20 Cal Bike

    20 Box Jumps (30/24)

    *If you want to come in and do the open WOD 19.2, you are welcome to come at this time.


  4. 03/01/2019

    2019 CrossFit Games Open WOD 19.2

    Beginning with an 8:00 Clock

    25 T2B

    50 Double Unders

    15 Cleans (135/85)

    25 T2B

    50 Double Unders

    13 Cleans (185/115)

    IF complete before 8:00, Add 4 Minutes To Complete:

    25 T2B

    50 Double Unders

    11 Cleans (225/145)

    IF complete before 12:00, Add 4 Minutes To Complete:

    25 T2B

    50 Double Unders

    9 Cleans (275/175)

    IF complete before 16:00, Add 4 Minutes To Complete:

    25 T2B

    50 Double Unders

    7 Cleans (315/205)

    Scaling options will be provided at the whiteboard but you can view them using this link  https://games-assets.crossfit.com/19-2-2019Open_Trifecta-kjeu762b3hd.pdf

    Quick Tips:  Consider breaking up the T2B into 2 or 3 sets from the beginning.  Going to failure in any round of your T2B will not bode well for you as the workout moves on. If the first clean weight is light for you, think about a big unbroken set and then break into singles after that.  This will allow you to “bank” some time for the second round where you will be breaking up T2B again and then likely singles at this heavier weight. 

    If you are moving on to the additional rounds after the 8 minutes, the T2B strategy stays the same. Breaking these won’t slow you much as long as they are quick breaks.    From this point, you will likely be doing singles with the barbell.  Be efficient and take short breaks between reps.  

  5. 02/28/2019

    12 Min EMOM

    Min 1 = (12/10)(15/12) Cal Row

    Min 2 = 15 Plate G2OH (45/35)

    Min 3 = 12 Plate Bear Hug Squats (45/35)

    Min 4 = 10 Shuttle Sprints


    Front Squat

    Red Track is De-Load This Week (90% +10#)

    x 5 @ 40%

    x 5 @ 50%

    x 5 @ 60%

    Blue Track

    3 x 8 @ 70%

    2 x 20 @ 60% of 90%

    Our goal today is to move through each movement of the EMOM at a pace where you are allowing yourself about 15-20 seconds of rest within the minute.  In addition to preparing you for the front squat work today,  we are doing movements that will help you work some soreness out from the week as well a prime your system to be ready for an all out effort on Fridays WOD.


  6. 02/27/2019


    8/6 Hand Release Push Ups/HSPU

    25 Double Unders (40 single unders)

    21 Deadlift (135/95)(185/125)


    8/6 Hand Release Push Ups/HSPU

    25 Double Unders

    18 Deadlift (155/105)(205/145)


    8 Hand Release Push Ups/HSPU

    25 Double Unders

    15 Deadift(185/125)(225/155)


    8/6 Hand Release Push Ups/HSPU

    25 Double Unders

    12 Deadlift (205/145)(245/165)


    8/6 Hand Release Push Ups/HSPU

    25 Double Unders

    AMRAP Deadlift  (225/155)(275/185)

    Rx++ Option is 4″/2″ Deficit HSPU

    For this WOD, you will have 3 minutes to complete the push ups, du’s and deadlifts.  If you fail to complete a round in 3 minutes, the WOD will turn into an AMRAP in which you will continue to work through as many rounds as you can.  This will be explained at the whiteboard at the beginning of each class, so make sure to be on time so you understand the flow.  

    This is a WOD that you will need to push the pace from the start and “bank” the remainder of time within the 3 minutes.  For example, if you finish round 1 in 2:20, you can move immediately into the next round.  You do NOT have to wait for the next 3 minutes to start into the next round.  The more time you have to do the AMRAP at the last weight, the more reps you will get towards your score.  This WOD is as much about strategy as it is the movements involved.

    For your weights, pick weights you could do the number of reps in each round unbroken if fresh.

    Score for this will be the number of reps at the last weight you complete.


  7. 02/26/2019

    All 19.1 scores for CrossFit970 have been validated.  Have some fun now with making custom leaderboards and make sure you download the CrossFit Games app for your phone. You have real time access to your standings in the World, U.S. and within CrossFit 970.  Nice job to everyone that completed 19.1!!  

    7 Minute AMRAP

    12 DB Step Ups (20″/16″)(50/35)

    12 Bar Facing Burpees

    12 Air Squat

    12 Alt DB Snatch (50/35)


    Back Squat

    Red Track is De-Load This Week (90% +10#)

    x 5 @ 40%

    x 5 @ 50%

    x 5 @ 60%

    Blue Track

    3 x 8 @ 70%

    2 x 20 @ 60% of 90%

    For our 7 minute AMRAP, we are looking to push pace on each movement.  Transitions should be your rest breaks, but should be quick.  Step ups may fatigue the legs a little but this is a good place to recover your breathing.  Same with the air squats.   When we see workouts like this, we should be thinking about going as fast as we can for as long as we can.  It’s safe to blow up a little when the 7 minutes will save you.

  8. 02/25/2019

    Don’t forget to submit your scores for the Open WOD 19.1.  Deadline is Monday at 6pm to submit.  

    15 Minutes To Build To A Heavy 1 Rep Power Clean

    Rest 3 Minutes

    3 Minutes To Complete

    (17/14)(21/17) Cal Bike

    15 Pull Ups

    9 Hang Power Clean & Jerk @50%

    Rest 3 Minutes

    4 Minutes To Complete

    (17/14)(21/17) Cal Bike

    15 C2B Pull Ups

    9 Hang Power Clean & Jerk @55%

    Rest 4 Minutes

    5 Minutes To Complete

    (17/14)(21/17) Cal Bike

    15 Bar Muscle Ups

    9 Hang Power Clean & Jerk @60%

    Today we are going to move some weight to start off.  We are looking to build to a heavy 1 rep power clean.  We will then use that number to determine your percentages for hang power clean & jerk in the Met-Con.

    For the Met-Con, we are looking to work through each round as quickly as possible.   The gymnastics work in each round should give the legs a little break coming off the bike, so don’t be over conservative on the pace.   For the hang power clean & jerk, we are looking to go unbroken with these each round.  The time to complete for each round represents the time cap for that round.

    You will have two scores today.  One for total time to do the 3 rounds and one for your power clean weight.


  9. 02/23/2019

    7 AM Class



    5 Bear Complex (135/95) – Between each round (start and finish with bear complex)

    Rest 5 Min


    Box Jumps (30″/24″)

    5 Ring Muscle-Ups – Between each round (start and finish with muscle-ups)