1. 01/09/2019

    GREAT JOB ON THE SQUATS TODAY!!  Love the energy and sense of community we had at each class.  

    6 Minutes To Build To A Heavy 3 Rep Power Clean

    5 Minute Rest

    6 Minute AMRAP

    5 Power Clean @ 70% Of Your 3 Rep

    10 Lateral Burpee Over Bar

    6 Minute Rest

    6 Minute AMRAP

    5 Hang Power Cleans @ 70% Of Your 3 Rep

    10 Bar Facing Burpees

    Each AMRAP will have its own score.  The power cleans will not, but the weight will establish your WOD weight.  

    Ok all…we are laying off the legs (a bit) today.  You are probably a little sore from our first two WODS of the week.   The absolute WORST thing you can do at this stage is to stay out of the gym.  You NEED to move so we can flush that lactic acid out of your system.

    For today, we want to build up to a heavy 3 rep power clean.  These are touch and go.  No rest and reset.  FORM FORM FORM is a must as we build up in weight.  Focus on your technique and only continue to build weight as your form will allow.  You will get a good metabolic workout regardless of what weight you end up with for your 3 rep.

    We will have a 6 minute rest between AMRAPS.  The rest should allow for a full recovery before you begin your next AMRAP.  These are short AMRAPS given the time it takes to cycle each movement.  Not looking at taking a pacing approach to these.   Work as intense as YOUR fitness level will allow.

  2. 1/8/2019


    Wendler Back Squat *during class time


    1000 Meter Row

    25 GHD Sit-Ups

    1000 Meter Row

    25 GHD Sit-Ups

    1000 Meter Row

    25 GHD Sit-Ups

    *10,500 total meters rowed

  3. 01/08/2019

    12 MIN EMOM

    Complete ALL movements within the MINUTE

    12 Air Squat

    10 Sit Us

    8/6/4 Push Ups

    Rest 5 Minutes

    20 Minutes for Back Squat Work

    For the EMOM, this is going to get real at about the mid way point.  Our focus here is to get a mid range metabolic workout so your body is primed and ready to squat.  Regardless where you are in the EMOM, you need to take a break at the :45 second mark.  We want that brief rest.

    Today we will begin an 8 week squat cycle.  We will be doing back squats and front squats.  Tuesday will be back squat and Thursday will be front squats.  We will be following TWO different tracks.  For those that prefer to go a little heavier, we will be doing a traditional linear progression using 90% of your 1 Rep Max as a guide.  Don’t worry if you don’t know your 1 Rep Max.  The program and the weights allow for a little wiggle room with your approximate guess.  For those that prefer lighter weight and more volume, we have a slightly different version of a linear progression.

    For those that want to work at heavier load:  We will call this the Red Track

    Estimate your 1 Rep Max and use 90% of that number to calculate your loads.  (Example: 300# Back Squat x .90 =270) Use 270 as your basis to calculate the working set percentages.

    First set is 5 reps at 65%

    Second set is 5 reps at 75%

    Third set is 5+ reps at 85% (the “+” means shoot for as many reps over 5 as you can get)

    For those that want to work lighter load with a bit more volume:  We will call this the Blue Track

    Using 55% of your 1 Rep Max

    3 set of 10


    2 x 20 at 50% of 90% of your Estimated 1 Rep Max

    As we continue to post the Reps and Percentages, we will simply refer to them as the Red Track and the Blue Track.  There is no right or wrong track, its simply up to you as to which you prefer to do.  Either way we know TWO things.  1) EVERYONE needs to squat.  2)  EVERYONE will get stronger following these progressions.

    For any questions about which track to follow, talk to your coach.




  4. 01/07/2018


    Wendler Deadlifts

    *Back Squats will be programmed tomorrow


    5 Rounds

    250 Meter Row

    12 DB Goblet Step-Ups (50/35) – 20 Inch Box

    250 Meter Row

    12 Single Arm DB Press (50/35)

    *6 Each Arm

    *2500 meters rowed – total for the month = 7500

  5. 01/07/2019


    Death By Thruster


    -Then Immediately-

    Accumulate 10 Minutes On The Rower for meters.  (15 Min CAP)

    Score is rounds of the thruster AND total meters rowed.

    In this WOD, you will start by doing one thruster in the first minute.  Rest the remainder of the minute.  Then you will do two thrusters at the top of the next minute and rest the remainder of the minute.  You will continue by adding one thruster rep at the top of each minute while using the remainder of the time during the minute for rest.  Continue this until you can no longer complete the number of thrusters within the minute.

    When picking your weight for this WOD, use a weight you could do 25 reps unbroken if fresh.

    This WOD will gently ease you into some high volume and high intensity thrusters.  This is a much a mental grind as it is physical.  Breathing is important is you progress through this.  Take a quick pause with the bar overhead and breathe in.

    For the row, you can accumulate the 10 minutes in any way you want.  You can do all 10 minutes without a break.  Or break the 10 minutes into smaller segments. The only rule is the 10 minutes MUST be completed in less than 15 minutes.  So if you are breaking it up and resting, you need  to take that rest break into account for you total time.


  6. 01/04/2019


    Wendler Front Squats


    500 Meter Row

    15 KB Snatch

    500 Meter Row

    30 KB Snatch

    500 Meter Row

    15 KB Snatch

    500 Meter Row

    *If you follow the extra work for January, you will get your 42,000 meter row completed by the end of the month.

    At the end of this workout you will have completed a total of 5,000 meters for the month (just by doing the extra work)

  7. 01/04/2019

    2015 CrossFit Games Open WOD 15.4

    Complete As Many Reps As Possible in 8 Minutes

    3 HSPU

    3 Power Cleans

    6 HSPU

    3 Power Cleans

    9 HSPU

    3 Power Cleans

    12 HSPU

    6 Power Cleans

    15 HSPU

    6 Power Cleans

    18 HPSU

    6 Power Cleans

    21 HSPU

    9 Power Cleans

    ETC…adding 3 Reps To HSPU Each Round and 3 Reps to the Power Clean Every 3 Rounds


    2 x 250 Meter Row

    1:30 Rest Between Rounds.

    Mens Rx 185

    Womens Rx 125


    Same Rep Scheme as RX

    Boys 14-15 clean 95 lb.
    Boys 16-17 clean 115 lb.
    Girls 14-15 clean 65 lb.
    Girls 16-17 clean 75 lb.

    MASTERS 55+

    Same Rep Scheme replacing HSPU with Push Press

    Mens  Push Press Rx 95    Power Clean Rx 115

    Womens Push Press Rx 65   Power Clean 75


    Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 8 minutes of:
    10 push presses
    10 cleans

    Men push press 95 lb. and clean 115 lb.
    Women push press 65 lb. and clean 75 lb.


    Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 8 minutes of:
    10 push presses
    10 cleans

    Men push press 65 lb. and clean 75 lb.
    Women push press 45 lb. and clean 55 lb.


    Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 8 minutes of:
    10 push presses
    10 cleans

    Boys push press 65 lb. and clean 75 lb.
    Girls push press 45 lb. and clean 55 lb.

    Below is a link to the Games Leader board from 2015.  If you participated in the Open that year, you can search your name to see how you did in this WOD.


  8. 01/03/2019

    A quick note from Crossroads Physical Therapy:

    “Happy 2019! Knee, back, hip, shoulder or any other injury slowing you down from the potential of achieving your optimal fitness goals?  Any CrossFit970 member qualifies for a 20% discounted rate on their physical therapy initial assessment/evaluation.  Reach out to LaRae to answer questions or to schedule an appointment.  She can be reached at 970-673-0660 or book online at www.crossroads-pt.com.”  

    We love having someone at our facility that knows CrossFit and our movement patterns.  It is great to not have to spend the first half hour of an appointment explaining what CrossFit is.  To make it even better, your PT is doing the SAME workouts you are which provides and even deeper understanding of how or what caused your specific pain.

    20 Minutes Fight Gone Bad Style (1 Minute of work at each station)

    Row for meters

    Wall Ball (20/14)

    Bike for Cals



    Score is total reps, cals, and meters.

    This is a conditioning WOD.  Unlike and EMOM style WOD, we want you to work the full minute at each station.  You will have a minute rest at the end of each round.

    Again, we are seeing the GHD as part of a WOD.  Now that you have some experience with these, you understand how it impacts your core and hips.  We are going to suggest no more than 10-12 of these each round if you have not done a lot of work on the GHD.   We can scale this movement in several ways.  Your Coach will help you determine what is best for you.

  9. 1/2/2019


    Wendler Deadlits


    Row 3,000 Meters For Time