1. Extra Work 6/7/2018


    5 rounds

    50 meter sled push

    100 meter sprint

    50 meter sled push

    rest 2 minutes between each round

    * Push sled to the 100 meter marker, sprint to the 200 meter marker without the sled, then push sled back to the starting point near garage opening. Weight on sled is up to you, but shoot for close to body weight.

  2. 6/6/2018

    In 12 Minutes Complete:

    1000 Meter Row

    Ascending Reps x 3

    Wall Ball (20/14)

    Burpee Box Jump Over (24″/20″)

    This workout will start with a 1000 meter row. After the 1000 meter row is completed you will begin with wall balls starting at 3 reps moving to burpee box jump overs for 3 reps. The next round you will start at 6 reps and increase by 3 reps each round for the remaining time.

  3. 06/05/2018

    5 Rounds For Time

    10 Power Clean & Jerk (95/65)(155/105)

    10 Front Squat (95/65)(155/105)

    200 Meter Run

    Looking to do some barbell cycling work today with this 5 rounder.  For those that have done the WOD “DT” in the past, think about this one in a similar way.  You COULD do 9 C&J, drop the bar, do one C&J, and go directly into the front squats if you are looking to break this up.  The weight for the barbell today should be a weight you could do at least the first two rounds unbroken if fresh.  Pushing pace on the runs might have an effect on your ability to hold on to the barbell.  Big rest breaks during the barbell work on this one will really add up in terms of your total time to complete.  Use the runs as a bit of a recovery so you are ready to pick up that barbell when you get in the door!

  4. Extra Work 6/6/18



    100 Cals on Assault Bike For Time



    Wendler 3’s – Deadlifts




  5. 06/04/2018

    Complete For Time

    10 Rounds

    3 Snatch (95/65)(155/105)

    3 Ring Row/3 Ring Dip: 3 Ring Muscle Ups

    25 Minute Time Cap

    The weight for the snatch today should be in the mid range in terms of how heavy you should go.  The weight should be something you can get for three reps even in the later rounds.  With a low number of reps for each movement, transition times will be key here.  Our system will be taxed from using similar muscle groups for the snatch and gymnastics movements,  so really work to stay efficient on the snatch (think big pull and quick under the bar).

    For today, three ring rows and three ring dips will equal 3 muscle ups.

  6. 06/02/2018

    7:00am 970Compete Class

    9:00am CrossFit Class


  7. 06/01/2018


    5 Rounds For Time

    12 Push Press (135/95)

    20 Box Jumps (24″/20″)

    The “Betty” benchmark WOD is not technically one of CrossFit’s classic “Girls” workouts. A CrossFit Forum member, Ryan Atkins, suggested in an August 11, 2005 forum post addressed to “Dave” (presumably Dave Castro, future director of the CrossFit Games), that this workout and four others be added to the official list of girls WODs.

    Pick a weight for this one that you could get through the rounds with a maximum of 2 sets.  Ideally, at least the first three rounds should be unbroken on the push press.  The combination of push press and box jumps is particularly taxing on the hips and core.  Focus on those box jumps and explode more than you think you need to get on top of the box.  If you need to rest, rest on top of the box.

    Step ups are ok today as a scaling option.


  8. 5/31/2018

    Complete For Time

    1600 Meter Run

    80 Alternating Leg Lunges

    40 Power Snatch (95/65)(135/95)

    Partition As You Would Like

    20 Minute Time Cap

    We love to challenge your body AND your mind.  This WOD can be done in any order you wish to do as long as you complete all reps and the distance for the run.  For our score today, every meter of the run equals one rep, so there is a total of 1,720 reps for the entire WOD.  This will ONLY be a factor if you don’t get done under the time cap, so push pace where you can and use your efficient movements to recover a bit.  Let’s not make the time cap a factor today!  Snatch weight should be something you could link 5-8 unbroken if fresh.

    ANNOUNCEMENT:  Our BLOG for the website is a place you should check often as we are posting content there that goes a bit deeper into the “whys” behind some of the things we program, as well as provide a good place for us to communicate other relevant information.  The BLOG tab can be found at the bottom of the site.  For now, the blog is also capturing the daily WOD post, but we are eliminating that content shortly.  

  9. Why Jumping Pull Ups??

    Jumping pull ups have some very unique advantages as a scaling option for the pull up or kipping pull up.  We have traditionally used the ring row as a substitute for pull ups in a WOD.  Although we think ring rows are good for building some of the musculature necessary to do pull ups, we think the jumping pull up will yield a better result as you progress into the strict or kipping pull up.   And by the way, jumping pull ups are NOT easy when you do them in volume.  For anyone that has done the “Filthy Fifty” WOD, you know just how bad those 50 jumping pull ups get.  Which leads us to reason number one to do jumping pull ups:

    1.  There is a metabolic element in doing jumping pull ups as we are using a large amount of muscle and energy systems (hips, legs, back, arms and core).  When doing jumping pull ups in volume such as in a WOD, the heart rate becomes elevated which further develops our metabolic conditioning and stamina.
    2. During workouts that involve pull-ups, many athletes may have limitations in strength or skill that makes doing a pull up difficult.  We have traditionally used ring rows to scale down the movement, however this does not correlate to a vertical pulling movement as much as the jumping pull-up.  We have used bands to assist in the pull up movement as well.  Bands are ok and we will continue to use this method, but banded pull ups slow down the transitions during a WOD which in turn lowers our intensity.  Bands also cause us to lose body awareness (see point #4 below) Integrating jumping pull-ups into scaled WODs in place of ring rows can increase muscle growth of critical muscles and enhance angular strength, both specific to the pull-up.
    3. As mentioned above, the jumping pull-up can be used as a progression for the pull-up with individuals who may lack the muscle mass, control, or strength to perform regular pull-ups. By using the jumping pull-up, we are working on proper joint actions used during the upper body pulling movement (retraction, scapular depression, etc) and we can target the exact muscle groups needed to perform strict pull-ups (forearms for grip strength and stamina, core for midline control, and the back and arms.)  For those wanting to do pull up work as part of their extra work, consider holding at the top as well as a slow and controlled negatives back to the start of the movement.
    4. Body control and awareness is key to not only getting a strict pull-up, but also for increased efficiency and performance in athletic movements, especially gymnastics, kipping work, and muscle ups. Increasing body control and awareness of your body in space are two attributes that can be accomplished by doing jumping pull-ups.  In addition, core stability and midline control skills are also developed which will correlate to other gymnastics and bodyweight movements.

    And finally, be patient and enjoy the process.  We realize some people can walk into the gym and do pull ups, while it may take others months to get one. We think that building a healthy foundation will lead to you being able to “work out for time” for many, many years to come.