This week will see a the beginning of the 2nd four weeks of the RED track.  In this four weeks, we are increasing our load by +10.  We will stay with the 90% factor, but add 10 pounds to that number for each of the percentages.   (Example using a 315 1 RM back squat.  You will use 315 x .90 =284.  284 x .65 =184.  184+10=194)

For our WODS, you will see a 20 Min AMRAP, a 1-10 rounder,  an interval work to rest, and an EMOM.  We will end the week with WOD from the 2017 CrossFit Games Open.

In addition to our back squat and front squats, barbell movements this week will be power cleans, power snatch, cleans and thrusters.  We will also be on the rig for pull ups, t2b, and ring muscle ups.

The CrossFit Games Open is right around the corner and begins on Feb 21st.  Our programming over the last couple of months has included many of the movements from the past Opens as well as some prior Open WODS.  Our goal in doing this is to prepare you to do YOUR best with this years Open workouts.  We are excited to see the progress everyone has made over the last 12 months.