The CrossFit Games Worldwide Open begins on February 21st with the first of 5 announced WODS.  We encourage EVERYONE to sign up for the Open this year.  We want to do something fun with the gym which we will be working on for the next couple of weeks.  Our plan is to end the 2019 Open with a big party to celebrate the 5 weeks of blood, sweat, tears, and personal accomplishments.  Not to mention a great time with your community.  To sign up go to

This week our WODS will consist of mainly task priority WODS.  There will be a 20-15-10-5 and a couple of 3 round WODS.  Thursday will be a fun partner WOD in honor of Valentines Day.  Friday will conclude with a WOD from the 2018 Open.  It will be that last of the Open WODS we program before the actual Open begins.

In addition to our Front Squats and Back squats, our barbell movements will include a hang power snatch, C&J, Deadlift, OHS and thrusters.  We will be on the rig for T2B,  and C2B.

We will also see RX+ box jump height of 30″/24″ as well as RX+ Wall ball height of 11’/10′ as it’s good to train at these higher heights.

Ohhhh…..and we now have 10 bikes, so something to look forward to is a WOD with a little bit of Air Bike in it.