The CrossFit Open is in full swing.  Monday will be last opportunity to do 19.2 as scores are due by 6:00.

We can cross off rowing, wall balls, cleans, double unders and toes to bar as movements we won’t see for the remainder of the Open.  We are trying not to duplicate (in volume) movements you might see in the Open WODS.  Having said that, we aren’t going to stay away from a movement because we MAY or MAY NOT see them in the Open.  If anything, doing those movements during the week might give you some confidence in where you are with that movement.  The week of 19.1, we rowed and did wall balls.  Last week we did some work on power cleans, and double unders.  Also, if you have been doing the front squats, you have a very solid idea of what you can front squat with confidence.  This no doubt helped with the cleans we saw in 19.2.

This week we are going to work up to a heavy 1 rep on our back squat and front squats.  This will help determine where you are for the next phase of squat programming.  We will do this under some control in terms of rep count as you build up to your 1 rep.

In addition to back squat and front squat, the other barbell movement you will see this week are the power snatch and power clean.  We will be using the KB in tandem with some body weight movements in Thursdays WOD.

Gymnastics movements this week will include box jumps, pull ups, push ups and burpees.  Conditioning work will include a short row and some double unders.