This week we will see a broad range of movements as well as a continuation of the squat progression.

The RED track is getting heavy this week with set a set of 5 at 75% a set of 3 at 85% and a set at 1+ reps at 95%.  The BLUE track as also getting heavier at 3 x 6 @ 65%.  For these days, our WODS will be quick with light weight and low volume.  We want you warm, but not over fatigued going into these heavier squats.

For our WODS, you are going to see a classic 21-15-9 rep, a 10 t0 1 descending rep scheme, a 3 x 5:00 Minute Interval with work to rest ratio, an EMOM and an OPEN WOD from 2017.

Barbell movements this week will be S2OH, Deadlift, and Snatch (in addition to the front and back squats).

As you consider your week, think about your WHY for each of these daily WODS and get the most out of them by working at YOUR intensity.  Remember: Intensity is what yields results.  We are here to guide you so you get the most out of each of these WODS.