A quick note from Crossroads Physical Therapy:

“Happy 2019! Knee, back, hip, shoulder or any other injury slowing you down from the potential of achieving your optimal fitness goals?  Any CrossFit970 member qualifies for a 20% discounted rate on their physical therapy initial assessment/evaluation.  Reach out to LaRae to answer questions or to schedule an appointment.  She can be reached at 970-673-0660 or book online at www.crossroads-pt.com.”  

We love having someone at our facility that knows CrossFit and our movement patterns.  It is great to not have to spend the first half hour of an appointment explaining what CrossFit is.  To make it even better, your PT is doing the SAME workouts you are which provides and even deeper understanding of how or what caused your specific pain.

20 Minutes Fight Gone Bad Style (1 Minute of work at each station)

Row for meters

Wall Ball (20/14)

Bike for Cals



Score is total reps, cals, and meters.

This is a conditioning WOD.  Unlike and EMOM style WOD, we want you to work the full minute at each station.  You will have a minute rest at the end of each round.

Again, we are seeing the GHD as part of a WOD.  Now that you have some experience with these, you understand how it impacts your core and hips.  We are going to suggest no more than 10-12 of these each round if you have not done a lot of work on the GHD.   We can scale this movement in several ways.  Your Coach will help you determine what is best for you.