8 x 2:00 Interval

(15/12)(20/17) Cal Row

3/5 Wall Walks

Max Rep Deadlift In Remainder (185/125)(225/155)

2 Minute Rest Between Rounds

Ok…this one is going to be a challenge!  Biggest thing here is to make sure you are off the rower at about the 45-50 second mark.  As a special treat for this WOD, you will have to run from your rower that is set up on the opposite side of the wall where you will do your wall walks.

You need to be looking at no more than 30 seconds to do your wall walks so pick the number of reps that will allow for that.  Even is its not 3, that’s ok.

We want you to get to your deadlifts in each round.  Having said that, we are NOT looking at a bunch of reps each round.