Complete For Time

3/6 Strict Pull Ups/Bar Dips or Ring Muscle Ups


Deadlift (225/155)(275)(185)(315/205)**

**Weight Change Each Round

15 Wall Balls (20/14)(10’/9’)


For today the deadlift weight will look like this:

15 at (225/155)

12 at (275/185)

9 at (315/205)

What we are looking for is building from a moderate weight to a fairly heavy weight.  The weights we have posted should serve as a guide for you to determine your weight choices.  The first weight should be one you can do unbroken for the 15 reps.  The second weight is one that you may need to break into two sets and the last weight should be something you can do a few unbroken reps up (even though you may choose to do singles).

The ring muscle up choice is 3 or 6 reps.  We have not been on the rings for a bit so choose the best option for YOU if you are doing ring muscle ups.



No Equipment

20 Jumping Air Squat

80 Jumping Jacks

16 Jumping Air Squats

60 Jumping Jacks

12 Jumping Air Squat

40 Jumping Jacks

8 Jumping Air Squats

20 Jumping Jacks

4 Jumping Air Squats

10 Jumping Jacks



Replace the Jumping Squats with DB or KB Goblet Squats