Death By Thruster


-Then Immediately-

Accumulate 10 Minutes On The Rower for meters.  (15 Min CAP)

Score is rounds of the thruster AND total meters rowed.

In this WOD, you will start by doing one thruster in the first minute.  Rest the remainder of the minute.  Then you will do two thrusters at the top of the next minute and rest the remainder of the minute.  You will continue by adding one thruster rep at the top of each minute while using the remainder of the time during the minute for rest.  Continue this until you can no longer complete the number of thrusters within the minute.

When picking your weight for this WOD, use a weight you could do 25 reps unbroken if fresh.

This WOD will gently ease you into some high volume and high intensity thrusters.  This is a much a mental grind as it is physical.  Breathing is important is you progress through this.  Take a quick pause with the bar overhead and breathe in.

For the row, you can accumulate the 10 minutes in any way you want.  You can do all 10 minutes without a break.  Or break the 10 minutes into smaller segments. The only rule is the 10 minutes MUST be completed in less than 15 minutes.  So if you are breaking it up and resting, you need  to take that rest break into account for you total time.