Complete ALL movements within the MINUTE

12 Air Squat

10 Sit Us

8/6/4 Push Ups

Rest 5 Minutes

20 Minutes for Back Squat Work

For the EMOM, this is going to get real at about the mid way point.  Our focus here is to get a mid range metabolic workout so your body is primed and ready to squat.  Regardless where you are in the EMOM, you need to take a break at the :45 second mark.  We want that brief rest.

Today we will begin an 8 week squat cycle.  We will be doing back squats and front squats.  Tuesday will be back squat and Thursday will be front squats.  We will be following TWO different tracks.  For those that prefer to go a little heavier, we will be doing a traditional linear progression using 90% of your 1 Rep Max as a guide.  Don’t worry if you don’t know your 1 Rep Max.  The program and the weights allow for a little wiggle room with your approximate guess.  For those that prefer lighter weight and more volume, we have a slightly different version of a linear progression.

For those that want to work at heavier load:  We will call this the Red Track

Estimate your 1 Rep Max and use 90% of that number to calculate your loads.  (Example: 300# Back Squat x .90 =270) Use 270 as your basis to calculate the working set percentages.

First set is 5 reps at 65%

Second set is 5 reps at 75%

Third set is 5+ reps at 85% (the “+” means shoot for as many reps over 5 as you can get)

For those that want to work lighter load with a bit more volume:  We will call this the Blue Track

Using 55% of your 1 Rep Max

3 set of 10


2 x 20 at 50% of 90% of your Estimated 1 Rep Max

As we continue to post the Reps and Percentages, we will simply refer to them as the Red Track and the Blue Track.  There is no right or wrong track, its simply up to you as to which you prefer to do.  Either way we know TWO things.  1) EVERYONE needs to squat.  2)  EVERYONE will get stronger following these progressions.

For any questions about which track to follow, talk to your coach.