4 x 4:00 Intervals

(20/17)(25/20) Cal Row

(20/12) Push Ups or HSPU

15 Box Jumps (24”/20”)

Max Rep Double Unders In Remainder

RX++ Option will be 25’ HS Walk and 12 SHSPU

4 Minute Rest Between Rounds


Accumulate 3 minutes of ONE of these progression movements;

Wall walks

Wall Hold

Free standing HS hold

For today, if you are working on HSPU or HS Walks, don’t stay away from these movements today.  If you don’t get much time on the double unders, that’s ok.

Push the pace on these movements today as you have 4 minutes of rest to recover.  This WOD is one where pushing the row a little isn’t a bad idea.  If doing HSPU, really focus on the short compact powerful kip.  You need to overemphasize this as the hinged hip from the row will impact this movement.  Longer kip=more time under tension through the hips.


No Equipment

12 Min AMRAP

1 Min Plank Hold

8 Push Ups

16 Lunges


12 Min AMRAP

Single Arm 100’ Overhead Carry

8 Push Ups

8 Front Rack Lunges