Complete For Time:

750/500 Meter Row

1000/750 Meter Row RX+

Immediately Into

10 Rounds

3 Deadlift (225/145)(275/185)

5 Pull Ups/C2B/Bar MU

Our WOD today will start with a row.  The Rx distance is 750 for men and 500 for women.  Rx+ is 1000 for the men and 750 for the women.  Once your row is complete you will move to the 10 rounds.  The weight for your deadlifts today should be a little on the heavier side.  Singles are ok, but it would be better to work on cycling the barbell.  This one is going to be very tough on the grip and the hips.  Our intent here with the row is to tax the same muscle groups we are going to use for the barbell and gymnastics work.  So, given this, be efficient on the rower.  Pace here should be at your 500M pace plus 10-15.  (For example, if you pace a 500m row at 1:45/500, you should be thinking 1:55-2:00/500 pace today).