Todays Coaches Choice WOD was programmed by Coach Lyndsey

Complete For Time

1,000/800 Meter Row

Immediately Into

5 Rounds

5/8 Strict Pull Ups

10 S2OH (115/75)(155/105)

15 V-Ups/GHD Sit Ups

Immediately Into

1,000/800 MeterRow

Lyndseys Notes:

Strict Pull Ups today as we look to develop our pulling strength. These will be a little more difficult as we are using those same pulling muscles for the row buy in.


The 5 rounds sandwiched between the rows will be a bit of a push/pull challenge especially with a taxed core from the v-ups/GHD. Weight on barbell should be moderate and completed in unbroken sets.


The cash out row should use whatever is left in the tank.