40 Minute EMOM

Min 1 = (12/10)(14/12) Cal Bike

Min 2 = 4 Single Arm DB Thruster(50/35)/6 T2B/24 Double Unders

Min 3 = (14/10)(16/12) Cal Row

Min 4 = Rest

Min 5= (12/10)(14/12) Cal Bike

Min 6= 4 Single Arm Devils Press(50/35)/6 T2B/24 Double Unders

Min 7= (14/10)(16/12) Cal Row

Min 8 = Rest

Moving on from Tuesdays sprint workout to a long endurance interval.

IF you want to use double DB for you DB movements, the choice is yours.  The middle component of this wod (thrusters, t2b, du) come from the CrossFit Open WOD 20.2.  This is a tough combo of your middle rounds so you have to get moving to get it done.  The built in rests will help recover.