Complete For Time

50/60 Cal Row

40/50 Wall Ball (20/14)(10’/9’)

30/40 Push Ups/HSPU/SHSPU

20/30 Power Clean (95/65)(155/105)

10/20 Push Jerk (95/65)(155/105)

5/10 Wall Walks

Last Done September 25th, 2018

Lots of things going on today with this WOD.  This is one where you need to look at total volume to determine what is the correct route for you to go in terms of RX and RX+.   There is plenty of volume here to get a good workout regardless of your choice.  In 2018 we did not program the Strict HSPU so this is a new option of this WOD.  This one is going to test your endurance with lots of push/pull movements.  Take smart breaks and don’t get in a hurry to get through any of these.

Last but not least, the wall walks are NOT something to take lightly.  In fact, this may prove to be the hardest part of the entire WOD.

Show up for class on time and get ready to get going on this one.