30 Minute EMOM

Min 1 = (12/10)(15/12) Cal Row

Min 2 = 12 OH KB Lunge (53/35) *6 on each side

Min 3 = (10/8)(16/12) Cal Bike

Min 4 = 6 Devil Press (50/35)

Min 5 = 12 GHD Sit Ups

Min 6 = Rest

For this long, conditioning EMOM, we will not be looking at a forced rest break during the minute like we usually do when programming EMOM WODS.  Work as long as it takes within the minute to get the cals/reps.  You have a built in rest break at the end of each round, so we aren’t worried about the forced rest.

For the GHD, if you have not done a lot of them, then we will work with you to get to a number that will be challenging, but not leave your abs sore for the next week.

The devil press is a new movement for us to use during a WOD so we are introducing it at low volume so you can get comfortable with it before we do it in greater volume.

Just put your head down and grind!