6 Minute AMRAP

10 Single Arm KB OHS (35/25)

30 Double Unders

5/3 Strict Pull Ups

Then Front Squat

RED Track is Deload (at 90%)

x 5 at 40%

x 5 at 50%

x 5 at 60%

BLUE Track

3 x 10 @ 60%

2 x 20 @ 55% of 90%

The single arm OHS is a movement we have not done a lot of.  IF, after warming up you feel you can go heavier than the RX weight, then go up in weight.  The intent of this 6 minutes is to be a sprint effort, so we don’t want the OHS to slow that down dramatically, so consider that before picking your WOD weight.  Everyone will be doing strict pull ups today.   As with the OHS, we don’t want the strict pull ups to slow your pace so band as necessary.  If you are using bands, you will be doing 5 reps.  If you are able to do strict without a band, but can’t link 5, then you will be doing 3 reps.