Complete For Total Reps and Cals

3 Minutes To Accumulate Cals on The Bike

Immediately Into

10 Minute AMRAP

12 Single DB Box Step Ups (50/35)(24″/20″)

40 Double Unders

12 Alternating Leg Lunges

Immediately Into

3 Minute Bike Sprints (15 Seconds Work/30 Seconds Rest)

Assault Bike bookend this AMRAP but are very different in stimulus.  Pace is key in the first 3 minutes as there is a lot of work to do after you get off the bike and begin the AMRAP.  For the step ups, you can hold the DB in any way you wish.  Again, pick a pace that you can sustain for the 10 minute time duration.  The ending 3 minutes on the bike is meant to be all out sprint effort for 15 seconds with 30 seconds to recover.   For those that struggle a little on the bike, this will be a good challenge for you to see what kind of pace you can hold.  You are more than likely going to surprise yourself!!