ANNOUNCEMENT:  You have probably all seen the new TV where the whiteboard used to be.  This TV is being used to display the WOD and leaderboard that comes from the Beyond The Whiteboard application we have been encouraging you to use.  You also received an email from us last week with info regarding Lyndsey Lewis.  The email function of Beyond The Whiteboard is how we sent that email out, and it will be the preferred way of communicating to you moving forward.   We will be using this platform to send out an email notice for pre-ordering FNX Supplements, Ascent Protein as well as Pure Spectrum Products.

As for supplements, we will provide links to each manufacturers website so you can look at the products and decide what you want.  Coaches can help with recommendations as well.  As a CrossFit970 member, you will be buying any products that we sell at a 10% discount from the retail pricing you will see on the manufacturers websites.  Stay tuned for an email asking for your pre-order.


50/40 Cal Row

25 Back Squat (115/75)(155/105)

75 Med Ball Sit Ups (20/14)

25 Hang Power Clean (115/75)(155/105)

(30/20)(50/40) Cal Bike