25 Minute EMOM

Min 1 = 15/12 Cal Ski

Min 2 = (10/15) GHD Sit Ups

Min 3 = 16 Goblet Lunges (53/35)

Min 4 = Max Rep Wall Walks

Min 5 = Rest

Our scored portion of todays WOD is the wall walks.  The movements that lead up to the wall walks are designed to somewhat mimic the fatigue factor that was part of the CrossFit Open WOD 21.1 in which we had ascending wall walks (3,6,9…) as wall as ascending reps of double unders (10, 30, 60..) in a 15 min AMRAP.  Upper body (ski erg), core (GHD sit ups) and legs (Goblet lunges) were all equally taxed as this one moved on.  The intensity for today is lower than the Open WOD, but the fatigue will be equal to, or greater.