Complete For Time

10 c2B/Bar MU

40 Wall Ball (20/14)(10’/9′)

8 C2B/Bar MU

30 Wall Ball

6 C2B/Bar MU

20 Wall Ball

4 C2B/Bar MU

10 Wall Ball

We are looking to move through this chipper with as little breaks as possible.  If wall ball are a struggle for you, consider breaking the round of 40 into 3 sets (20-12-8 is a suggestion) and the round of 30 into 3 sets (15-10-5 is a suggestion).  Then do your best to go unbroken on the round of 20 and 10.  Same strategy would apply to the work in the rig where you could do 5-3-2 of the round of 10, 3-3-2 for the round of 8 and 3-2-1 for the round of 6.  Band up as necessary for your work on the rig.