Complete For Time:

1,000/800 Meter Row

30 Power Clean (115/75)(165/115)

30 Toes to Rings

500/400 Meter Row

30 Shoulder To Overhead (115/75)(165/115)

30 Toes To Rings

250/200 Meter Row

A fast row for the first and second row will definitely not be rewarded with this one.  Row pace should be around your 2K pace or perhaps a tad slower.

Look to get some touch and go power cleans to start, resorting to singles when you NEED to.

It has been a bit since we have done toes to rings.  These can be similar to toes to bar, but we can get a bit of a bigger swing with these so they are a little less fatiguing than T2B.

For the shoulder to overhead, do your best to hang on for a bigger set as you begin these. Keep in mind, each time you drop, you are doing another power clean to get it back up.

For your last row, go all out with whatever you have left in the tank.