Complete For Time

50/35 Cal Bike

Then Immediately Into

3 Rounds

21 C2B Pull Ups

15 OHS (115/80)

9 Clean & Jerk (115/80)

You knew the bike was coming…..The bike won’t make this WOD, but it could break it.  Pick a sustainable pace that will allow you to get right to work on the C2B.  The primarily upper body movement of the pull up should allow the legs to recover a little before taking on the OHS.

For the Chest to Bar, to the degree possible, we would like everyone to do them.  Band up as necessary.  If we need to modify the rep scheme, we can do that as well, but the key here is to be working to develop the range of motion and the strength to do C2B pull ups.  Jumping C2B is also an option.

For your OHS weight, pick a weight that you can do 15-20 unbroken reps if fresh.  Since the OHS is likely going to be the limiting factor for the barbell movements today, the OHS weight should be an adequate weight for your C&J and you should be looking to do these as a touch and go.