Complete For Time

RX Option


Power Snatch

Pull Ups

**Snatch Weight Rounds of 18-12 (75/55)  Rounds 12-9 (95/65)  Rounds 6-3 (115/75)

RX+ Option


Rounds 21-18 Pull Ups & (115/75)

Rounds 15-12 C2B & (135/95)

Rounds 9-6 Bar MU (155/105)

For today, we have two different options for the WOD in terms of rep schemes, weights, and gymnastics.  Either way, this WOD will be a challenge.  Weights should be ranging from the lighter side to the lower side of heavy for you.  We don’t want the higher rep rounds at the lower weight to bury you for the lower rep, heavier weights.  So consider breaking this one early and often.