4 x 3:00 Intervals

(15/12)(20/17) Cal Bike

(15/12)(20/17) Cal Row

Remainder of Time is Max Rep Power Cleans.  Score is TOTAL number of power cleans.

Rest 3:00 Between Rounds

Weights For Power Cleans Are As Follows

Round 1


Round 2


Round 3


Round 4


In this WOD, we are challenging your ability to move load under some metabolic fatigue.  For your weights on this, pick weights you can do touch and go reps for the first two rounds.   You may not end up doing touch and go, but pick weights you COULD if you were fresh.  Goal would be to hit 5-7 unbroken on those first two weights and changing to fast singles after a big set.  Our emphasis is on cycling the bar bell in these first couple of rounds.  The last two weights should be heavy for you and will most likely be done as singles.