We are ready for this one!!!  In addition to the rowing challenge many of you did in January, here is a quick fact.  Since Jan 1, we have had 29 WODS (not including Saturdays where we have done a lot of rowing).  11 of the 29, have had a row in them and 7 of them have had wall balls.  These are movements we are familiar with and we should all have a lot of confidence in.

CrossFit Games Open WOD 19.1

15 Min AMRAP

19 Wall Ball (20/14)(10’/9′)  Masters 55+ (20/10)(9′)  Teens 14-15 (14/10)(9’/8′)

19 Cal Row

Scaling Options:  Ages 16-54 (14/10)(10’/9′)   Teen & Masters 55+ (14/10)(8′)   

Quick Tips.  This is a pacing WOD.  15 Minutes is a long time for this movement combination.  Resist the urge to get out hot as you are not likely to really feel this one until about 7-9 minutes in.  Think about efficient pulls on the row in which you are breathing at the top.  IF wall balls are a challenging movement for you, consider breaking them up early into two sets.  Maybe 11-8 is a good rep scheme.  IF you are breaking the wall balls, you will need to really focus on transitioning right to the row and start pulling.  Even if they are not all out pulls, get the wheel moving while you recover.  If you are not breaking the wall balls, the same holds true for the transition to the row.  IF the row is a challenge for you, the worst thing you can do is force the pace here.  Stay calm and breath.  Pause at the top and make every pull count.  A fast in and out is not efficient and will blow you up.  Whatever is left in the tank needs to be emptied at about the 13 minute mark.  

Rowing Pace and Time To Complete 19 Cals

1950 calories/hour… 0:34s
1700 calories/hour… 0:40s
1500 calories/hour… 0:45s
1350 calories/hour… 0:51s
1200 calories/hour… 0:57s
1100 calories/hour… 1:03
1000 calories/hour… 1:10
920 calories/hour… 1:16
850 calories/hour… 1:22
800 calories/hour… 1:29
740 calories/hour…1:35
700 calories/hour…1:41
650 calories/hour…1:47