Let the CrossFit Competition Season get underway!!  The first WOD of the 2022 CrossFit Open will be announced at 1:00pm.   You can watch the live announcement at  http://Games.crossfit.com

Be on the lookout for an email with a Google doc for heat time registration.

To give you a heads up as to how our next three weeks will look in terms of programming etc..

As you experienced so far this week, we will hit it hard Monday-Wednesday with WODS that are intended to be high intensity, but with relatively low volume and lighter loads.

Thursday will be an “active recovery” day for those doing the Open but it will be WODS that CAN be pushed for those that are NOT doing the Open.

Friday will have two different WODS. One for those NOT competing and one for those that are.   The WOD for those competing will have components of the Open WOD in a blended format that will likely look like 3-5 Rounds NOT FOR TIME with a rest break after each round.  The goal is to experience the movements while starting at light intensity and increasing intensity in the middle rounds and backing off on the last round.  We want to get the body primed and ready for the Open WOD.

For those NOT doing the Open, expect a typical CrossFit970 Friday WOD.

24 Minute For Max Calories

Every 3 Minutes Switch Stations

1. C2 Bike

2. Row

3. Assault Bike

4. Ski Erg

5. Assault Runner

6. Row

7. Assault Bike

8. Ski Erg

This is 3 Minutes at each station.  Read that again and pace accordingly.