ANNOUNCEMENT(s)  A few things to go over for the week.

Please sign up for the Open on the wall by the temp check.  Quite a few names on there already, so lets keep the momentum.

Ascent pre-order will be here Monday.

Pure Spectrum has already arrived.

NOCCO beverages and Barebells bars will be in stock Tuesday or Wednesday.  The NOCCO brand of beverage is HUGE in the UK and making a big push here in the US.  Their drinks are meant to be consumed in connection with a workout (usually right after) and contain BCAA’s and Vitamins.

The Barebells protein bars are……AMAZING!!


5 Rounds

3/5 Strict Pull Ups or Ring MU

7 Power Cleans (155/105)(225/155)

25 Minute Time Cap

For today, you can see by the time cap that we are looking to go HEAVY for the power cleans.  These will definitely be singles and something in the range of 85-90% of your 1 rep max.

For the strict pull ups, IF you need to band, we are wanting the smallest band possible.  Again, we are looking for something that takes somewhere near a max effort to achieve 3/5 reps of.