ANNOUNCEMENT:  The Open registration for the gym is starting to fill up!  Let’s keep going to get those numbers up!

What you can expect for next weeks WODS is a bit of a tapering mid week so we are fresh for the Open WOD. Thursday will be an active recovery for those doing the Open WOD on Saturday.  Friday will be a “not for time” workout which will include movements that are announced for the Open that Thursday night.  For those not doing the Open (shouldn’t be anyone) we will have a WOD programmed for Friday.

More to come…..


Let’s get outside and RUN!!!

12 Minute AMRAP

100 Meter Run

1 Rope Climb

10 Hand Release Push Ups/HSPU or 7 Deficit HSPU (4”/2”)

For today, we are easing in to the running for the season with these 100 meter runs.  If you aren’t yet climbing the rope, lets do seated rope climbs.  Since its only 1 rope climb, push yourself to try them.