Announcement:  Don’t forget to submit your 19.3 scores by 6pm Monday night.  Also, Tuesday we will be running so make sure you are prepared for the cold for the early morning and late evening classes. 

4 x 3:00 Minute Intervals

(22/17)(15/12) Cal Row

20/16 KB Snatch (53/35)

Remainder of Time Max Rep Goblet Squats

Rest 3:00 Between Rounds

For the row today, you should be looking to pace this at about the same pace you rowed the 19 cals from the 19.1 Open WOD we did on Feb 29th.  Below is the pacing chart we used for the 19 cals and the time it takes to row the 19 cals in.  This will be a good guide for your pace today.  Score will be total goblet squats completed in the four rounds.

1950 calories/hour… 0:34s
1700 calories/hour… 0:40s
1500 calories/hour… 0:45s
1350 calories/hour… 0:51s
1200 calories/hour… 0:57s
1100 calories/hour… 1:03
1000 calories/hour… 1:10
920 calories/hour… 1:16
850 calories/hour… 1:22
800 calories/hour… 1:29
740 calories/hour…1:35
700 calories/hour…1:41
650 calories/hour…1:47