ANNOUNCEMENT:  Due to the uncertainty of the weather moving in, we have made the decision to program the Open WOD for the class WOD on Friday.  Things are kind of up in the air for opening the gym on Saturday, so please stay tuned to our website, your email, and social media.  We will be putting out a list of judges with their contact info so if you are officially signed up for the Open, we will do our best to have judges available on Friday for you.  Again…please watch your email for communication from us.  Sorry for any issues this may cause, but we want to do our best to give everyone an opportunity to do the workout and above all, we want to make sure to keep you safe and not out on the roads if the weather is as bad as it is supposed to get.

15 Minutes

To accumulate time on the machine of your choice.

5 Minutes Max time on any one machine.

Rest as desired

Machines are:  Rower, Bike, Ski, and Runner.

Our main goal today is to just get you moving and ready to go for the Open WOD on Friday.  Even if you are NOT doing the Open, we want to take today to “deload” so you are fresh for Friday.