Getting “Back” to Squats This Week

10 Minute EMOM

6/4 Pull Ups

10/8 Sit Ups

15/12 Air Squats

**All Reps To Be Done Within the Minute.  IF you don’t complete the reps within the minute, finish the round you’re on and rest for the remainder of that minute and start again at the top of the minute.**  Example, in minute 6 you fail to complete the 24 reps, finish the reps into the 7th minute and use the remainder of the 7th minute as rest.  Start in with the pull ups at the beginning of minute 8.  

Then Back Squat

This will be the start of the next cycle of back squats using you new 1 rep max.  We are ONLY doing the Red Track this time around.

Red Track (all percentages are of 90% of your 1 Rep Max)

x 5 @ 65%

x 5 @ 75%

x 5+ @ 85%

For the EMOM, we are looking at 10 minutes of moderate intensity work that will have some body weight volume to it.  We want to push to get the work done within the minute, but if we don’t, we will have some built in rest/recovery that will allow us to get back at it at the top of the next minute.  Don’t be afraid to push this one a little today as you have the clock to save you at the 10 min mark.