Complete For Time:

10 TGU (50/35)


50 Burpee Box Up & Over (24″/20″)


50 DB Snatch (50/35)


10 TGU (50/35)

The Turkish Get Ups will be done with a DB and need to be done as a buy in and cash out of this WOD.  For each movement, the reps of 50 can be partitioned as you want.

HSPU modification will be:

50 DB press (25 each side).

IF you can do wall walks, you will do 40 DB press (20 each side) and 5 wall walks.

These are just two mod suggestions.  If you have HSPU, but 50 is too many, consider doing a combo of HSPU and DB press.  Maybe alternating between the two as you progress through your rounds.   There is no right or wrong way….just the BEST way for you to get what you need.   We are also wanting you to work on your strict HSPU, so consider doing strict if you are at a level that will be challenged by the strict movement.  Talk to your Coach about what is best for you.

Again, the mods can be partitioned as you want.