Announement:  Hey all!!! Was so good to see quite a few of you on Zoom today!!  We pulled it off and it is a great platform to gather as well as review WOD standards as well as at home modifications.  We are going to continue to do these classes at 8:30, Noon and 4:30.  In fact, we want you to get used to this platform for the next week because on April 1st we will be putting a contest together based on Zoom attendance.  It will be worth it to do the best you can to be on these classes!

In case you didn’t get the Zoom link and info from the post last night, here it is again:

Hey CrossFit 970 family- We miss you and are hearing from lots of you that you miss us too! After almost a week of doing workouts by ourselves, we have created a way to still workout together, virtually. We want to continue to encourage and connect with each of you as much as we can during this time of social distancing.

Please join us in doing the daily At-Home workout. We will continue to post the workouts on our website and Beyond The Whiteboard. You can do this whenever works for you schedule or you can join us on Zoom a couple different times of day and workout alongside one another.

The best way to use Zoom is from a computer by going to You can access Zoom via your phone, too. On your phone, you can download the Zoom App.

This link will get you into our “meeting”. You can access this at any time throughout the day. Simply click on the link and it will add you. We will have a couple of different times for you to join in. If those times don’t work for you, you can get on with fellow athletes at another time, if you organize it. Please just be sure not to do it when it overlaps with a scheduled meeting.

We will also be interacting with one another through our private Facebook group Crossfit 970. Please request to join the group, if you haven’t done so already.

Our hope is to continue to prioritize our health while staying connected with each of you. We are in this together! Please contact Krista Harty with questions at

A couple things to remember:

  1.  We need to respect each other’s time and be on time for the class
  2. Please do your best to not talk while the Coach is going through the WOD.  There will be time to socialize after the WOD.

Complete For Time:

400 Meter Run


5 Rounds

35 Double Unders/70 Single Unders or 35 plate jumps

15 KB/DB Box Step Ups (20”/16”) Box.  Pick load for KB/DB.  RX is (53/35)(50/35)

12 KB/DB Push Press.  Same load as above.  6 each arm.


400 Meter Run