Announcement:  Has been great seeing you all on Zoom this week.  We understand that you all can’t make the three WODS we do via Zoom, but you can use our meeting link to do your own groups if you are setting them up to workout with your buddies.  If you are doing Zoom WODS outside of the 8:30, noon or 4:30, maybe post what you are doing so others can at least jump on and say hi!!!

This link will get you into our “meeting”. You can access this at any time throughout the day. Simply click on the link and it will add you.

Complete For Time:

100 Air Squats
80 Lunges
60 Sit Up
40 Floor Press (135/95) IF KB or DB do 60 reps and break up equally between arms.

Partition As You Want

Then 10 TGU (pick load with KB or DB or With No Weight.  If not using weight, do 20 total TGU)

Sub for barbell for the Floor Press is a KB Or DB.