Complete For Time

50/40 Cal Bike

40 Front Squat (95/65)(135/95)

30 Bar Facing Burpee

20 Alt Leg Front Rack Lunge (95/65)(135/95)

Today is ALL ABOUT PACING.  Every component of this workout is going to require smart pacing.  Your bike effort should be at about 60-65% which should help to save the lactic build up in your body.  For the front squats, pick a set number of reps and sets and do your best to stick with it.  Pick a load you COULD do 20 unbroken if fresh.  Even though you may be feeling good during your front squat reps, remember there are still burpees and lunges in your future.

Burpees are all about tempo.  Your legs are going to be tired so use your hips to pop up out of the burpee.

Lunges…20 reps here….its a big number to go unbroken, but if you have it in the tank, go for it.