Nice work on the Zoom classes today.  Attendance is up for these.  Remember, it takes 21 straight days of practice to form a habit (good or bad).  Don’t let NOT working out become a habit for you.  We got this!!  And it is even more critical now that you take care of your body because you need a way to cope with the stress our current situation is creating.  We are always here to chat if you want to do more than the daily WODs.  Feel free to text us and we will do our best to give you some extra work.   There are tons of at home WODS being posted on social media.   We would prefer you follow our programming and let us program additional work for you.  The week of WODS is carefully planned to make sure we are hitting a broad range of movements as well as time domains of the workouts.   We want your extra work to COMPLIMENT what you are doing without stacking movements.  

Zoom Link:

15 Minute AMRAP

5 DB Box Step Ups (50/35)(24″/20″)

5 Mountain Climbers

5  V Ups

5 Box Dips

Add 1 Rep to each movement after you complete each round.

For today, if you don’t have a box, use a stable object of approximate height of your box.  If you don’t have a DB, use a KB, barbell, or even a rubber weight.  After your round of 5 reps, add 1 rep to all movements.  If V Ups are a difficult movement for you, you can do toes to pole (table leg, stair baluster…)