ANNOUNCEMENT:  If you are feeling a little banged up, make sure to visit our in-house PT.  One of the huge advantages Crossroads-PT has is a “boots on the ground” understanding of the daily grind and where breakdowns in the body come from.   It’s a treat not to have to explain to a PT what CrossFit is and how you tweaked your shoulder doing a snatch, burpee or muscle up…Go to to schedule and appointment.  

18 Minutes To Find A Heavy 1 Rep Snatch


7 Minute AMRAP

7 Power Snatch @ 60%

7 Bar Facing Burpees

Today we are looking to find a heavy 1 rep snatch.  We want to use the full 18 minutes to work technique starting with lighter weight and working up.  If technique is breaking down as we get heavy,  that will be a good stopping point to de-load and work more technique at lighter weight.

Burpees from Monday AND today do NOT go toward your push up count for the April challenge.