30 Minute EMOM

5/3 HSPU

1 Clean (225/155) **This can be a Squat or Power Clean**

BOTH movements will have to be done within the minute.  IF you fail a clean, you have to sit out the remainder of the minute AND the next full minute.  For example, in the 10th round the clean is failed.  The clean can NOT be attempted again in minute 10.  You will rest for minute 11. At the start of minute 12, you will do your HSPU followed by your clean.

This WOD is going to be a physical and mental challenge.  For our cleans, we are thinking a heavy weight for YOU (80-90% of your 1 Rep).  This one is going to start off with the feeling of “this is easy” but the aggregate volume will be impactful as we progress through this.  HSPU mods will be provided for you and may include push ups, inverted push ups, or possibly HSPU to abmats.