Lots of Work to get done in our 1 Hour Today.  We will be 1 Rep Maxing our Bench Press and Deadlift.  We will have two separate EMOMs which will serve as warm ups for each lift.

We are definitely encouraging EVERYONE to get in on this cycle of lifting.  No matter your goals, weight lifting is a HUGE component in your overall health and wellness.   And besides that…..its a lot of fun.  Even if you want to work at lighter loads with a focus on technique, that’s ok.   Please make plans to be in class on Tuesdays and Thursday’s for our lifting days.

12 Minutes to Find a 1Rep Bench Press


20 Minutes to Find a 1 Rep Deadlift

IF your are not doing the lifting:  You will be doing Aerobic Capacity Work

C2 Bike

2 Rounds
5x (20 sec sprint, 40 sec easy)
2:30 Easy Easy Recovery
6x (15 Sec sprint, 35 sec easy)
2:30 Easy Easy Recovery
7x (10 Sec Standing Sprint, 30 sec easy)
2:30 Easy Easy Recovery

Rest 3 Min Between Rounds