Coaches Choice Workout Programmed By Coach Tayler

12 Minutes to Build to A Heavy Complex

3 Deadlift, 2 Hang Power Clean, 1 Clean


10 Rounds

1 Clean (135/95)(155/105)(185/125)

3 Strict Pull Ups/Bar MU/Ring MU

9 Cal Bike


Coaches Notes:  Stimulus- To lift heavy but for more than just one lift.  “I love heavy complexes so it’s only fitting my workout has one.”

For the metcon, think “King Kong”-ish.  I wanted a workout that had a heavy squat clean and some high skill gymnastics that will be performed with a high heart rate; which is where the bike comes in.

Short rep scheme to help to help encourage a faster pace.  Think “Holleyman” where we have lots of transitions with high skill gymnastics and a heavy lift.  Gotta respect that squat clean!